About Us

Our Story and Vision!
It's common to start with a goal in mind. Sometimes that goal can turn out to be a lifetime ambition. From start to finish, a startup begins with a single idea and passion. A passion you are willing to leave a life to follow. That's our story. Our vision is to help women who are tired of a tired cosmetics routine to fall in love with the way they look. “Hanakashi” is a startup cosmetic company with an ambition to provide natural and organic products. 

Global Fulfillment
We know that it's always good to get what you want when you want it. We know how important it is for you to get your product as soon as it comes out. We also know that it's better to get it from our warehouse ourselves, so we can keep it within our country to make it easier for you to get it in the Europe. Our products are intentionally formulated for European Union. 
The Future Is Here 
Hanakashi products looks good on everyone and we strive to make every woman look the best she can be. Gold powder is just a start which suits for any type of skin. We have more products to launch and all our products will be available on the website before the end of the year!

On behalf of the entire team and all the people who believe in the vision of Hanakashi, we sincerely thank you for your support and for being a part of the story. Your loving support will enable us to start production and create products that we believe in and can truly make a difference!
We believe that the world deserves something better.

Why to Choose Us?
We are a Startup Cosmetic Company; we are passionate and passionate is exactly what we are about. We have looked into several companies with a good concept for natural beauty products. We found that although most of them are good they are just not the best.
Environmentally friendly packaging and a Green and Healthy Future
Hanakashi produces non-toxic and organic products that you can use for years to come. Hanakashi’s top-rated product is available in the form of Gold Powder, powder and roll on with a unique packaging that is 100% eco-friendly and 100% organic. We use a resource card and we are 100% focused on sustainability.

1.We are passionate about what we do and believe in all our products. We aim to make you look and feel your best and proud of it. 
2.We are dedicated to high quality. The ingredients we use are tested and proven and have been through several stages of testing, including freezing temperature, boiling and baking. We know the final product that our clients will get will be of the highest quality. We are not interested in fast trends and quick turnover. We want to work with you to help you look your best.
3.We are innovators. We know what women want and we do not only care about your inner beauty but also how beautiful you look. Our dedicated team and corporate culture allow you to see a changing and personal brand, we are not the typical corporation.
4.We know that we do not need another makeup brand out there. Our ambition is to make our product unique and go a step above the rest. We see this as a responsibility, to take our time to create products that make your smile stand out, and on top of that, we are improving our product constantly.
5.We are a holistic company with social responsibility at our heart. We spend time researching on what the customers want. We listen to our clients, our core audience and work on giving them the best service and products in the market. We appreciate your feedback and will only improve as a result. Our desire is to help create beautiful, positive and peaceful communities.

Our range of quality cosmetic products and services is set out to meet all your needs.

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